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Can an Asperger's Person Become a Doctor of Education?

For me as an a person with Asperger’s, prior to diagnosis,  life consisted of constant failures, to the point that I would say “you have to learn how to lose before you can learn how to win”. With that motto, I would simply get back up quickly and go again. Because the drive and passion I bring to my special interest is unparalleled compared to those in the neurotypical world. For example, I’ve been exploring the world of Information Technologies from my Asperger’s advantages to try and find an interest I may pursue. I’ve explored,

But truly, my passion is still Sport Technology however I realize today, post diagnosis, that sport as an industry might not be a good fit for those with Autism.  My preference is to specialize in a new area of sport, where I could still use my knowledge and fit in.  I saw a gap, at the time, in the Coaches Association of Canada, specifically around the area of Distance Education.  An academic area of interest, where it seems to have no glass ceiling in terms of opportunities. I felt coaches and athletes could be best served by their sport organizations in this area of interest. That’s when I began exploring,  ‘Can an Asperger's Person Become a Doctor of Distance Education?’

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