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Why a person with Asperger’s may be your best IT Project Manager

For an Asperger’s person to be successful in web design, they are going to need the proper support system in place.  That is,  if they truly want to become the most valuable team member, partner or consultant. In my previous post, I mentioned that I realize after 10 years of web design (1995-2005), I would need to find an industry to specialize in (2005-2015) - and it would be best if it were in an area of your special interest’. This action was also backed in Dr. Temple Grandin’s paper where she suggest the same thing. What happens when that industry doesn't want you and sees no value in you?

In my first two blog post on the Topic of Autism I.T., I wrote about:

I mention the difficulties of a person with Asperger’s multitasking and how I personally choose to focus on one project at a time. However, in order to become a project manager, I’m going to need to learn to overcome this challenge and be able to manage multiple projects at one time. As I realize now, the benefits of an Asperger’s I.T. Project Manager far out ways the challenges identified. As a first step to tackle this issue, I have started to refine my methodology for my app and web design clients, backed with my personal guarantee.  I have learned in this world, your word is everything!

When I made the choice of dedicating myself to the industry of sport and technology, I had no idea I had a form of Autism at the time. It was in this industry where I would have so many social challenges it would lead to my diagnosis of High-Functioning Asperger’s Syndrome at age 38. Sport is all about social interactions and entrenched perspectives/procedures. I did not realize that sport is not open to innovation and change in general. It seems to be a model built on generational social inclusion - where we see children following in the pathway of their own parents and grandparents.

While I have a specialization in sport and technology, I believe I can transition from that area of special interest into a more mainstream category by using sport as an example to empower business owners around the topic of Information Technology (I.T.). I want to help them achieve their dreams using app and web design solutions to bridge their gaps. They may benefit from my unique perspective.

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