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What if an Asperger's person was Mr. Cybersecurity?

With the recent 2016 US election over - a hyped up review of cybersecurity has everyone talking.  Over the past couple of years I have been pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Computing and Information Systems (BSc CIS). However, my knowledge of Cybersecurity dates back to my early days of working at my local Internet Service Provider (1996). This led me to an assignment with CBC Reporter Kim Kristy, and the Ontario Provincial Police Department, on a phone phreaking case which was cutting edge at the time. The website ‘The History of Phone Phreaking Companies’ states that “A phone phreak is someone who loves exploring the telephone system and experimenting with it to understand how it works.”.

At the time Internet was only available over phone lines and businesses were simply not grasping the evolution of the Internet.  A couple of decades later we have a world hacking crisis on our hands that does not seem solvable by any imagination. In my twenty years experience I have certainly been hacked by the best.  What I have learned is it's how quick you can recover from a hack that matters most, as there will always be those with ill intent trying to penetrate your systems.

Building servers for Vancouver Data Center - 2000 era
The evolution of a Phone Phreaker became a Computer “Hacker” as documented in 1963 in a “MIT student newspaper article about students hacking the telephone system”, as noted by the History of Phone Phreaking website. I would move on from the local Internet Service Provider and start my own data center for a period of five years, connecting websites to the Internet. I would stay up late at night building servers from all the parts I had bulk - ordered to later connect them to the Internet. This undertaking was no easy task for a twenty something year old. The interesting part of this time in my life is that a) I did not know I was Autistic, yet b) I chose a field that I could excel in not only financially, but what appeared to be normal to society. It was the dot com boom era and lots of young adults made money. With the subsequent implosion of that era, and some poor decisions made in my life, I found a need to reinvent myself by specializing in an industry within technology.  That is when I choose sport technology (2004).  

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