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How can a web designer with Asperger’s overcome the challenges of creating metaphors in their websites?

In my comp230 - Storyboard Design and Development course , I was asked to write a “short literature review of the topic semiotics on the Internet”. Which I provided an overview and summary of strength and weaknesses to the question “Is a web designer an ideal job for a person with Asperger’s Syndrome?” [3] where I expand on Dr. Temple Grandin’s and Grant Warren Sherson advice in their early papers. I would explore how a person with Asperger’s could overcome the challenges of creating metaphors in web design, when they might not communicate in the same way as the other 99% of the population known as Neurotypical (also known as NT) minds. This picture metaphorically communicates an hourglass which stands for time is running out.
In the end, I agreed with Dr. Temple Grandin that web design is a good job for someone with Asperger’s. However, as a result of Grant Warren Sherson paper, the evaluation yielded that a second question should be explored more if someone with Asperger’s is to pursue the career as web designer.
Dictionary.com says a metaphor is a “figure of speech in which a term or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable in order to suggest a resemblance”.
If we use the image of Dr. Temple Grandin and I, we can use the metaphor of a “Cow Farm” and a “Server Farm” to describe that they are both areas where the people in the picture have their own unique expertise in. Also they are different, but similar in that they're both called “farms”. They also have similar elements, whereas in the “Cow Farm” you have many individual cows or herds of cows and the server farm you have a similar situation where as you have many different servers enclosed in a geographical area.  

Now while Grant Warren Sherson paper suggest website be build using metaphors, such as other media formats. He does speak of the large percentage of websites that don’t follow this methodology and as a result, I’m not sure an Asperger’s person has to worry too much about overcoming the challenges of creating metaphors in their websites. That is in less, the customer ask for it. An Asperger’s person should consider working in teams and also having an ‘interventor’ to help with the projects.

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